Abuse Reporting and Blacklisting

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(taken from Twitter)
  • Wed Apr 19 12:13:26 2017 UTC:
    Sorry to announce but due to time and financial constraints will stop updating end of April and shutdown end of May.

  • Wed May 13 19:03:43 2015 UTC:
    A big THANK YOU to @HostSailor ( ) for supporting us. They offer flexible and affordable hosting solutions.

  • Mon Jan 19 09:43:45 2015 UTC:
    Thanks again to for your continued support of our project!

  • Wed Dec 03 22:25:23 2014 UTC:
    @2x4RU Hello and thank you for the kind offer. The project can always use more power / net coverage. Please check your private messages.

  • Mon Apr 14 15:40:45 2014 UTC:
    Our thanks go to Cloud I.T. Canada ( for donating a virtual machine to our service.

  • Sat Feb 15 20:26:22 2014 UTC:
    Wow, we had a HUGE increase of attacks during the last months. In 08/2013 we had 5k and in 01/2014 it were 15k with an overall total of 150k

  • Mon Jan 13 09:44:24 2014 UTC:
    A shout out to Nothing Inc. for 6mo service, contributing 11 IP addresses to our network. Monitor their progress here

  • Tue Nov 05 16:34:53 2013 UTC:
    Sometime in October (4 years after the project was started back in Oct 2009) we now counted more than 100k attacks from over 45k unique IPs.

  • Wed Jul 24 14:37:42 2013 UTC:
    Thank you @rimuhosting for donating several VPS to the OpenBL project! Check them out at vps

  • Wed May 15 14:00:42 2013 UTC:
    Thank you SysadminSpot ( for donating a virtual server and also for the blog post about us (

  • Wed Apr 10 16:45:41 2013 UTC:
    Big thanks go to Midas Green Tech ( for supporting us with a virtual server.

  • Sat Apr 06 19:21:24 2013 UTC:
    All hosts are currently getting updated to have the SMTP ports 25 and 587 monitored for attacks as well.

  • Wed Apr 03 06:40:50 2013 UTC:
    For ease of use all date/times (timestamps in lists, statistics and logfile excerpts in notification mails) were changes to UTC.

  • Wed Mar 20 21:25:48 2013 UTC:
    The public backlists are now also hosted on a server located in the United States.

  • Wed Feb 20 20:39:28 2013 UTC:
    The page is in the process of getting updated a little. It is now HTML5, but still very simple. Any volunteers for webdesign help out there?

  • Sun Feb 10 23:21:40 2013 UTC:
    The HTTP ports 80 and 443 are also covered now and reporting vulnerability scans against common admin tools like php(My|Pg}Admin and others.

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