Abuse Reporting and Blacklisting

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If you are looking at this page you probably want to delist one or more IPs from the public bruteforce list.
Before you click on the link below you should read the following information very carefully!

The script below needs to be executed from the host with the IP that got listed. It doesn't work from any other host because the script tries to delete the IP from where it gets executed.

It is NOT possible to just delist the IP every time it gets on the list. If you delist an IP the date and time is logged. If the IP gets on the list again a pre-defined amount of time needs to have passed to be able to delist it again. It is important to know that with every delisting the waiting time is increased expotentionally. So you might want to make sure you fixed the issue before delisting the IP!

On Windows/UNIX desktop systems just click the link below. UNIX server administrators on the other hand should know how to open a webpage using command line tools. If not, you might want to think about using a different system and/or cancel your server subscription..! ;-)